Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

It isn’t just about WHAT you know and WHAT you are willing to do to get there. It is more often about WHO you know or WHO is going to stand in your way. There are times when people can elevate you and help you to become a better person/professional [insert job tittle here]. Yet there are other times… those times when all the extra effort that you put in means absolutely NOTHING! The person in power has taken a dislike to you and thats it! Through their actions/words [or lack thereof] you slowly start to feel diminished and worthless and so you stop trying. You stop putting in the effort, for why go the extra mile when there is no benefit? If you will get the same result no matter how much work is done, why would you strive to do more? Therefore, you go elsewhere looking to find that person who will elevate you once again and you both become better because of it. So remember… if you are the one who is in a position of power; you can either elevate people and benefit from their perspective and wisdom or push them down and potentially miss out on the best opportunity of your life. The choice is yours.


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