When an idea pops in your head…

Isn’t it funny how random things you come across in everyday life can spark the greatest of ideas? The other day I was doing a little bit of shopping with hubby when I found myself needing to occupy my time while he was off doing something [can’t remember what now] anyway, to give me something to do I started looking at the books being displayed at the front of a bookstore. Amongst them were journals/planners/diaries for next year and I thought to myself… each year I can never manage to find something that suits my needs. As a teacher, the teacher diaries leave no space for personal notes; personal diaries don’t have the extra features that are in teacher diaries. It is hard to see what you have coming up for the week when you are using a day-to-a-page planner, but there is not enough writing space in a weekly view. So then I thought why don’t I design my own? can’t be too difficult right? turns out I was correct! I started designing what I want the pages to look like as soon as I got home and now have a product that I like. Now to test it in the field…


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